The rise of internet use worldwide has allowed for humans to have an insight on all cultures across all corners of the earth through a touch of a button and an LCD screen. The ever-growing aviation and transport industry and its accessibility has encouraged cross-border travel and migration as the norm. Thus, a rise in multinationalism within a single individual is a growing result.

@MCRT.Studio looks within their own artists as examples. New Zealand born sculpture artist and photographer, Rozelle Tan, is part Filipino, part Singaporean. At age 10, her and her family migrated to Australia. Not stopping there, she was presented the opportunity to study in England and lived in the UK for 5 years before returning home to Australia with fellow artist, Maxim Chikanchi, a Russian born Brit who now lives in Australia.

As to what percentage or culture one leans to more so or wholly identifies to is an exploration broken down into a photographic series. A consideration worth pursuing to gain insights as artists’ and pin point certain influences and inspiration when creating works. The journey starts at Rozelle’s roots in the North Island of New Zealand. An embarkment to the infamous Tongariro Alpine Crossing, this SEVEN-hour trek through pain, confrontation to peace. A strong appreciation to the changing landscapes was captured and exhibited late 2018 in Side Gallery through SEVEN curated photographs. A photo diary, to start a series of investigation within self-culture and reflection.