@MCRT.Studio Friends: Rachel Hatch

Inspiration can come from many sources. For us, one avenue to gain inspiration is through our peers. As part of the @MCRT.Studio Journal, we wanted to give you inspiration by interviewing those whose creative work we admire.

Rachel Hatch is doing wonders for Brisbane’s Art scene creating the best vibes for her cool cut clients with project Innerspace Contemporary Art. Hatch runs this innovative pop-up model alongside partners Ashleigh Brooke Ralph and April Euler. ICA found a cosy spot sitting between a commercial gallery and Artist Run Initiative and they are simply killing it! We spoke to Rachel to find out why Brisbane is simply so much better with ICA around.

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Why did you decide to work in the art industry?

I love art and love how much we can learn from it so I try and be around it as much as I can. One of my favourite things about what we are doing is how each artist makes me think through different ideas and perspectives with their works. I’m glad that I can try and use my skills to give back to the artists we work with too as best I can.

Why did you start ICA?

I saw opportunities around me to use spaces to show art and I’ve always been interested in managing events, so it flourished naturally. It’s wonderful working with artists! Everyone is so talented and hard working. It’s very inspiring.

What sets ICA apart from other galleries around?

We are roaming pop up gallery that falls somewhere in between a commercial gallery model and an artist run initiative gallery.

What do you love most about Brisbane’s art scene?

I love the people! I find everyone in Brisbane so smart, vibrant and enthusiastic. I love seeing what people have been working on.

What type of art do you work with at ICA?

Predominately painting, but also sculpture, drawing and video art.

What are you working on atm?

We are working on a photographic exhibition with Cieran Murphy opening 5 July

What is your favourite project to date?

Well I look at ICA as an ongoing project, so all of it?

A word of advice for artists that want to work with you?

Send us your portfolio/ what you are working on!

Why do you love @MCRT.Studio?

Max and Rozelle are talented artists in their own right. When they come together as a team they create a dynamic and professional duo able to create great works and respond to any brief or task. I love their love and support of each other. Their already huge success is an indication of their strength as a couple, both in a personal and business sense.

Rozelle Tan