Bringing timeless design to the streets of Balmain.

The Little Marionette is back to Balmain! A good friend of @MCRT.Studio and the founder of The Little Marionette coffee roasters Edward Cutcliffe has opened up little m coffee shop in the heart of Sydney’s highly sought after neighbourhood of Balmain. @MCRT.Studio teamed up with The Little Marionette to create a timeless design for their new space.

The story of The Little Marionette has its roots in Balmain, so it’s fitting for little m to bring back its outstanding coffee back to its home. @MCRT.Studio dove back to 70’s and returned with timeless racing stripes, sporting classic Little Marionette blues and gold.

The placement of this design makes a whole lap around the café. Playfully referencing the popular Nintendo game, little m brings Mario(nette) carts to Sydney!

Check out how we made this happen below:

Maxim Chikanchi