@MCRT.Studio Friends: Yin Lu

Inspiration can come from many sources. For us, one avenue to gain inspiration is through our peers. As part of the @MCRT.Studio Journal, we wanted to give you inspiration by interviewing those whose creative work we admire.

We first met Yin Lu as a fellow Artist for BIGSOUND festival 2018, one of the biggest music conferences for Australian music. Yin produced a fun and cheeky piece which can be found on the exterior of The Brightside building. The way Yin fuses her Chinese culture into her artwork is what turned our heads. Since last year’s BIGSOUND festival, Yin has been concentrating her full efforts, building a creative bridge between Australia and China, sending Australian Artists to produce public art in her mother’s hometown in Hunan, China. We were fortunate to be one of them! For our @MCRT.Studio Friends series, we asked her what makes her tick, check it out below!

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hey, my name is Yin Lu and you can call me Yinnie! I am a Brisbane-based Chinese Australian artist, designer, muralist, DIY hobbyist, Founder and Director of The Window of Yin Arts and Cultural Communication Pty. Ltd.

Why Art?

Why eating and sleeping? Exactly, I can’t live without it…It’s my life!

How would you describe your practice?

I express my cultural identity, knowledge and inner-self through my current art practice. Also, I like to create art that is classic, particularly intricate Asian art and Chinese folk art, in both black, white and vibrant colours-with a modern twist!

What is your favourite part of being an artist?

Giving others a new perspective and getting to share my art with the world. Also being able to express my ideas, creativity, feelings and thoughts that sometimes cannot be described in words.

What is your favourite project to date?

I have to say all the recent murals and graffiti works from the Brisbane Street Art Festival 2019 are my favourite!

What are your working on at the moment?

A series of works which relate to Chinese culture and festivals.

Which artist, dead or alive would you most like to meet?

Yuko Shimizu

How do you get inspired?

My everyday life I reckon…travelling, sharing ideas with other artists, checking out galleries and watching films.

Why do you love @MCRT.Studio?

When I first met these guys at the BIGSOUND festival last year I just instantly fell in love with their art style, and they are really awesome people to work with!

Rozelle Tan