A new day, a new canvas.

Our last job in Hunan, China was with a company that re-sells used cars. They had commissioned me for a ‘Live art’ gig painting one of their cars at their latest publicity event.

This artwork was inspired by an experience the owner had with this particular car. He and his wife were on their way to a restaurant only to find that they had run out of fuel halfway there- in the middle of a mountain road! They had to push the car together toward the restaurant they were going to. #BestDateEver

My artwork depicts a beautiful sunset behind a mountain range. I added a road through the mountain with a couple walking hand in hand down this road. The road represents marriage and the mountains represent the ups and downs of married life. The sunset at the end is the happy ending to a long marriage.

Using spray cans, I opted for a graffiti style for this piece. Here are some stop motion videos of the process!

Maxim Chikanchi