My bridge across the ocean. Hunan Province, China.

We were commissioned by the Window of Yin (an Arts and Cultural agency that connects and exposes Chinese and Australian artists to each corresponding country) to create a mural in their studio and branch office in Hunan, China.

We produced a mural in response to the success stories and results The Window of Yin has achieved in their endeavours. The ocean is what separates Australia and China geographically, so the water in the artwork represents that separation. However, the face above the water and the reflection represents the two countries and demonstrates how they can come together through the creative work of the people involved. 

You may notice a second reflection. This represents how multiple results can be achieved through the longevity of this relationship. A new entity breaking through, using art to compliment the two countries and bring forward a new outlook on this connected world. A bridge across the ocean.

Please view the below stop motion to view the process.

Rozelle Tan