Who is @MCRT.Studio? Maxim interviews Rozelle with 8 Questions.

@MCRT.Studio was formed in London where artists Maxim Chikanchi and Rozelle Tan met at University. Their first project working together was to create sculptures and murals for a boutique music festival in Bulgaria. Since then, their artworks as a duo gained instant attention, giving them the motivation and momentum to continually take on bigger clients. Today, @MCRT.Studio works out of a studio in Brisbane and Sydney Australia, travelling to clients within Australia and worldwide. The name of the studio was derived from the initials of the two founding artists.

For our first blog posts, we thought you would like to get to know the Artists on a personal level. The artists took the time to interview each other, read below what Maxim got out of Rozelle!


Where did you grow up and where are you living now? 

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. I lived there for 10 years of my life then moved to Brisbane, Australia with my family. After high school I went to London for University and after 5 years I headed back home down under. Since then, I have been living between Sydney and Brisbane.


How did those places shape you and/or your work? 

Not only have I lived in different parts of the Western world, I also have Eastern roots descending from a Filipino mother and Singaporean father. Because I have been exposed to many cultures I have always been interested in how these different environments make up a multinational person. As to what percentage or culture one leans to more so or wholly identifies to is an exploration broken down into a photographic series that I’m working on at the moment.


What are you working on atm?

Going back to my roots, I started my photographic series in New Zealand with my body of work named Seven. I have a trip to Singapore planned in November this year and Philippines early next year. So some exciting stuff coming up! 


What kind of goals do you have for yourself atm?

Maxim of course heads up the illustration/ graphic/ painting/ mural side of @MCRT.Studio. I head up the installation and photography side. We always support each other in our work and work very closely together, so my goal is just to continue making beautiful art together pushing and learning new techniques to expand our practice. On a personal level, I want to continually grow as a connected and spiritual person.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

No matter what you do, be kind to one another.

Where would you like to go and shoot, that isn’t part of your photographic series?

I had friends living in India a couple of years back and went to visit them. I fell in love with the landscape and culture. As India is sadly not part of my roots, it won’t be part of my photographic series but I can’t wait to return there anyway with a few of my different film cameras.


Favourite Gallery?

White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney and Serpentine Gallery in London.


Best Exhibition you’ve been to?

Definitely PIPILOTTI RIST Sip My Ocean at the MCA.

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Maxim Chikanchi