Avestix Office Space Mural, Fortitude Valley

The main office space mural for Avestix LAB, located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley brought together 20th century Russian cubism combined with the photorealistic figurative portraits of @MCRT.Studio’s current style.

Avestix LAB is an ecosystem that provides valuable networks, resources and business development opportunities, dedicated to support a thriving tech community. ⁣ The co-working, collaborative space where the artwork sits is the source of inspiration for these artworks. The mural covers three large walls in the warehouse conversion, each boasting a unique composition and colour palette. All three walls come together into one artwork that flows effortlessly across the Avestix LAB space.

Although technology is the future, it’s the people and communities behind it that will bring it to the forefront. There are two main characters in the artwork - Aurea (from Latin “golden”) and Lujain (from Arabic “silver”). They represent the minds and ambitions of our generation. With elements of cubism, the minds of our main characters are connected via blockchain. The virtual and physical space between them is saturated with colours and shapes that represent the security and seamless integration that the Avestix space provides.

Click on the photo below to view the gallery of this mural. You can also view the time lapse of the process beneath! Enjoy!

Maxim Chikanchi