Artwork with a dash of Mathematics. Avestix, Fortitude Valley.

The entrance mural for Avestix LAB took us the farthest from our comfort zone of figurative portrait work.

Maxim dived deep into his Slavic roots and created this design with strong references to mid-century Russian cubism. With almost mathematic precision the artist implemented the use of rudimentary trigonometrical tools to create the rigid and yet flowing shapes of this design.

The lobby of the building boasts a huge, multi-coloured chandelier. With keen awareness of the space the artists implemented the muted colours found in the chandelier, as well as Avestix’s own orange and grey to create this geometrical masterpiece that brings the wisdom of the 20th century and fuses it with the innovation of the 21st.

The process of the mural was recorded in a time lapse video. You can view the entire process in the videos below. Click through the gallery to view some film shots we took, highlighting the shapes in this mural.

Rozelle Tan